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JBV Optical's Beam Dumps

JBV Optical's Beam Dumps are built to take a wide range of operating powers, wavelengths and environments. Their all metal construction, including optical surfaces, ensures a long life. JBV's beam dumps are ideally suited for shortwave excimer (UV) laser applications. They are currently employed in laser systems by Cymer, Inc., and many other high quality laser system manufacturers.

Review the specifications below, and if you have any custom requirements call us at the number listed at the top of the page.
Description Specification
Material All metal construction, no fluorescence, compaction or outgasing
Working wavelength Achromatic, 193nm to 12000nm
Input beam power 50 watts max
Max irradiance 2 J/cm2
Beam Dump input aperture 1.00" * 1.00"
Maximum input beam size 0.92" x 0.92" (23x23mm2)
Cooling Air convection
Front Panel (Beam Shield) size 4.00" * 4.00"
Back reflection and scatter < 0.01%
Absorbing cavity size 3.75" x 3/75" x 1.25" (mm)
Mounting hole size 0.20" Dia @ 3.50" * 3.50" centers
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