100 Fisk Hill Road, Sturbridge, MA 01566
Phone: (774) 230-1939     Email:JBVOPTICAL2@msn.com

JBV's High Quality Custom Optics

JBV Exercises strict control over each phase of the development or assembly of your order from the selection of raw materials through final polishing and the application of custom coatings.

JBV Methodology has won wide acceptance with industry leaders and we enjoy many close associations. State of the art JBV products are recognized and distributed internationally.

JBV Optical Company is a major supplier of excimer laser and other high precision optical components. JBV will custom build your cylindrical lenses, polarizing beam splitter cubes, retardation plates, retro-reflectors, microscope objectives, achromats, mirrors and prisms. Our technical expertise and experience assure successful attainment of your goal. We offer free consultation and welcome every opportunity to provide you with our quote on your custom optical component needs.

Optical Component Menu:

Quad-, Bi-, and Arrayed Lenses Mirrors, Mirrored Lenses and Coatings
Simple Lenses, Pinholes, Optical Windows Prisms
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