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It's Our Only Home...
JBV Optical Company has seen our products in many, many applications all over the world. And that has given us a unique perspective on the fragile and precious nature of the planet we live on.

Our work with Amphibico's advanced line of underwater camera systems has shown us ecosystems unimaginably complex and beautiful. Our work with many governmental and research organizations has given us views of our world of extraordinary beauty.

These perspectives, and a desire to make our world a better place for our children, and their children, have created a firm resolve at JBV to create products with environmentally sound methods, and secure our raw materials and sub-contracted work from only those companies who share our resolve and desire to make a cleaner, healthier world.

If you would like more information about JBV Optical Companies Environmental policies, e-mail us, or call or write to the address listed at the head of this page. We hope you share our desire for a better world, and we invite you to share your comments and suggestions on these most important issues.