100 Fisk Hill Road, Sturbridge, MA 01566
Phone: (774) 230-1939     Email:JBVOPTICAL2@msn.com

JBV's Fiber Optic CCD Couplers and Coupler Design

These couplers are custom designed by Dr. Paul Remijan to be used with the new High Quality, High Definition CCD Cameras, interfacing to Fiber Optic imaging systems, etc. These couplers (as well as all JBV products) can be custom designed to your exact specifications.

The formidable optical expertise of Dr. Paul Remijan and JBV Optical Products Company has been employed in the medical, military and industrial sectors for years. JBV Optical offers you the opportunity to have this same level of impeccable quality focused on your specific application. We welcome the opportunity to provide you quotes on your optical requirements. JBV's design and engineering services are light-years ahead.

Pictured to the right are spacers for 5x CCD Couplers. The top and center two images are diagrams of the machined housings, while the bottom image indicates the assembly as it in use, with the lenses and interface windows in place. These units can be used to interface a coherent image pipe (a fiber optic cable that produces a clear, recognizable reproduced image at the output end of the cable) in such applications as borescopes, endoscopes and parts inspection for remote or tiny spaces.

Layout of spacers for 5x CCD coupler, showing lenses in place and spacer assemblies coupled.

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