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Amphibico, Inc., JBV Optical and Micro-Optech announce a business alliance to exploit new markets for high resolution, electronic imaging systems used in a variety of underwater and above water applications.

(Pictured, L to R: John B. Voyles, President, JBV Optical Company; Val Ranetkins, Founder and President, Amphibico; Dr. Paul Remijan, Owner, MicroOptech; Ron Hand, CEO of Amphibico.)

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Amphibico's founder, Val Ranetkins, is a pioneer in the development of underwater camera systems used by scientists, cinematographers and recreational divers. Amphibico manufactures a complete line of underwater camera systems and accessories including advanced housings for high definition, three chip, digital cameras.

Micro-Optech's Dr. Paul Remijan specializes in the design of aspheric optical components, diffractive optics, medical optics, endoscopes and industrial interferometric systems. His patented holographic phase grating technology is used in a variety of custom built shearing interferometers and is the enabling technology for the diagnostic, white light, IRAS ophthalmic interferometer used worldwide by optometrists and cataract surgeons.

John Voyles, President of JBV Optical, has 33 years of experience in the manufacture of custom, precision optical components and micro-optics used in variety of medical and industrial applications. JBV Optical works with exotic optical materials and specializes in the design and fabrication of beam homogenizers and beam expanders for excimer lasers operating at 193 nm.

The current business alliance was formalized after the three companies successfully completed the development of a new, wide angle, digital camera system. The newly developed system features a distortion free, 100 degree field of view, under water and in air. Aspheric adapter optics allow full zoom capability and provide the same angular magnification in air and under water. The patent pending adapter optics were designed by Micro-Optech and realized by JBV Optical. Amphibico designed and fabricated the camera housing which has neutral buoyancy and 100 meter depth capability.

Renouned underwater photographers Wes Skiles and Jean Michel Cousteau have also used and reviewed these devices. Click the links to view their comments on these fine products.

NASA has expressed an interest in the new camera for astronaut training at the Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory, a 100' wide by 200' long by 40' deep indoor pool. The camera's constant angular magnification feature allows accurate simulations of outer space imagery in the NBL.

Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute, (MBARI), is also interested in the new camera's ability to provide distortion free imagery and full zoom capability in deep water operation, 4000 meters, where a three inch thick glass dome is required.

A second product of the new alliance is a HDTV underwater camera with a 100 degree field of view in air and under water. This new HDTV camera will be commercially available by the end of 1998. Current plans call for the introduction of new macro lenses, new HDTV format cameras and underwater lighting systems in 1999.

With two new wide angle camera systems fully developed and tested, JBV Optical has launched a new industrial marketing effort. Concurrently, Amphibico has expanded its current marketing efforts in recreational diving and has initiated a new marketing effort in cinematography. Micro-Optech has responsibility for all optical lens designs and supports new product development with opto-mechanical design, optical testing, FEA, and systems integration.

The formidable optical expertise of Dr. Paul Remijan and JBV Optical Products Company has been employed in the medical, military and industrial sectors for years. JBV Optical offers you the opportunity to have this same level of impeccable quality focused on your specific application. We welcome the opportunity to provide you quotes on your optical requirements. JBV's design and engineering services are light-years ahead.

For more information, contact JBV Optical Products Company by e-mail at

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